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U.S. states disagree about online access to court records.(Up front: news, trends & analysis): An article from: Information Management Journal

Online Criminal Background Checks Verify What One Claims
If your are the one in charge of hiring employees, which are your most important assets to your company. Any good business practice is to do a background check on any potential employee your company plans on hiring. There is a conveniently waiting to obtain these records and aided by doing an online criminal background check.

One excellent benefit of using the Internet for this information is that it is instant, and is usually up to date. Therefore, the information is trusted, furnished by a program that the website is operated by a professional company and their respective databases are clean and properly maintained.

Several years ago when using legal background check was in its early years, the information was quite often outdated, or completely wrong. This obviously led to many problems during the hiring process, for example, when a company was faced with having to refuse a position to an or else promising candidate due to information that after turned out to be factually incorrect. Imagine the embarrassment. With the advent of the Internet came a very effective tool for employers by way of online criminal background checks.

Employers now have a beneficial tool at their disposal to examine for information of different levels of legal activity, from minor misdemeanors to felonies, to checking civil litigation, and professional licenses, unlimited usage, that an employee may falsely claim they may claim. Also, these and other information databases are growing daily. Of course assuming all the information is added in a timely matter, the database will become more accurate and up to date, helping employers and law enforcement alike determine a persons true background, regardless of what is claimed.

This editorial focuses on the theory that online legal background checks are intended only for employees having their background checked. This is far from the truth For instance, a companies financial record can be verified to some degree via the Internet. A companys personal bankruptcy is also obtainable by doing a company background search as well.

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